Our Commitment to Green Materials and Processes

MCP’s commitment to sustainability goes far beyond talk

Beyond their advocacy for sustainability, green production, and stewardship, MCP USA is outfitted with vertically-integrated state-of-the-art Battenfield extruders and Brown-Lyle thermoformers. This means MCP doesn’t have to procure production materials from outside vendors and overseas redundancies ensure they’ll always be able to handle capacity. From concept to delivery, all MCP USA production is done out of Portage, IN facility.

In conjunction with this, MCP USA places particular emphasis on recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials in accordance with both European and US market demands. The company recycles all the scrap material that is formed during the thermoforming processes. The scrap is reground and introduced back into the extrusion process. MCP USA partakes in the “Green Trend” and manufactures degradable products.

“Before the recycling stage, we produce our trays with highly recycled resins at the start.  75% of our materials are recycled and 25% are virgin plastics.” Jared B, Operations Manager.

MCP USA is committed to promoting sustainability and is dedicated to an environmental vision for packaging, which includes reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprints of all our activities. MCP’s CEO, Eyal Tenenbaume, has also made it clear that MCP is always ready to deliver products developed with sustainability in mind — including producing reduced thickness trays to reduce environmental impact.

“We are proud of our 3 state-of-the-art thermoformers locally and 14 high-performing back-ups, we fulfill custom shapes with confidence.” Eyal commented.