Part II of MCP Origins: USA Expansion

Part II of MCP Origins: USA Expansion

As you might remember, our genuinely humble beginnings as an Israeli family cooperative continued adding learning, experience that became a company with thermoforming capability. By 2007, after being attracted by the growth opportunities at hand, a world-class corporate partner joined MCP Ltd., efforts of expanding modest regional production and continually expanding export customers were in place.

Year over Year Growth

The next obvious step was to hire a manager in that same year to oversee, manage and expand the blossoming export customer base.  A much-needed sales and marketing manager was brought on to add key experience that generated year over year growth. In fact, just about every year from 2002 through 2014, MCP added one extrusion line or one thermoformer to keep up with the market demand. This level of consistency only built more and more confidence and expertise. 

USA Vision

MCP Ltd’s executive team, seeing the track record of export growth, began to cast this vision: “we must have production in the USA.” Although it wasn’t yet time for a formal plan, they began to review a list of options: joint venture, sign a lease with an existing US-based customer or launch independently. Under MCP Ltd’s executive leadership, they enjoyed continued high profitable growth during 2014 to 2016 fiscal years.

USA Expansion

By 2017, the US customer base was established and represented an impressive 35% of all exports. It became clear that it was time to realize the vision to “begin production in the USA.” Eyal Tennennbaum was slated to lead the charge as CEO of the new division in North America, to be named MCP USA.  The Midwest USA, just outside of Chicago, was an ideal fit for production to be near their US customer base.  Acquiring talent was the next priority and so MCP USA’s first hire was the gifted HR Manager, Brooke Kubath, who was the centerpiece for momentum.  Brooke brought on the management team beginning with comptroller, and continued with Jared Brubaker, Plant Operations Manager, and Ashley Jongkind, Quality Control Manager. The newly added management team would oversee site selection and facility build out. In 2018, the equipment install gave them time to continue hiring, optimize layout and operations by year end.

Unwavering Focus

In that same year, fall 2018, Packaging Industry sales veteran Carlton Taylor joined the MCP USA team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Under this expanded management team, all equipment and machinery was in working order by early 2019. In 2020 it was full speed ahead as MCP USA operated 24/7 with 50 employees. Today, production is at its highest levels in history with an unwavering “Focus on what we do best – CPET.”  That’s not all, the horizon looks even more productive – forecasts show a 20% capacity increase as well as the exciting opportunity to create 35+ more jobs.  

Part II of MCP origins, the global expansion continues… We will announce our newest global expansion news that occurred in August 2021 with a new series.  Carlton Taylor, VP of Sales & Marketing of MCP USA and his team is able to provide swift and reliable service and support to clients located in every corner of the world.

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