MCP USA Employees Visit Israeli HQ for Training

MCP USA is proud to announce the completion of onboarding training for our Quality, Operations, Shipping, Production, and Technical team leads at the MCP facility in Israel.

With 150 employees, three extrusion lines, and 14 thermoformers at the Isreali HQ that mirrored identical equipment deployed at the USA facility, the US team spent hours on the floor training with observation and one-on-one hands-on training on how to operate the machinery as well as how to embody MCP’s 40+ years complying with global standards of quality.

Understanding MCP’s roots and promoting team bonding was a big element of the training, with tours of Israeli sights like Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. The Israeli team also came to the US for further training post-event.

Leveraging the MCP HQ for hands-on training has allowed MCP USA to take a different approach to talent acquisition in the US market.  With matching equipment and training between their Israeli and US factories, MCP has been given the chance to focus on reducing turnover by hiring individuals who align with their core values, rather than focusing solely on experience.

The results have been rewarding, “low turnover, confidence in operation and know-how.”