Processor Solutions

Packaged Food Forever Changed

2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us, especially for the food manufacturing and processing segment. The Pandemic has forever changed the way consumers eat and view packaged food. Some of those trends include packaging that requires “less handling” from retail, cooking as well as servicing. Others require the packaging to be completely heat sealed and go directly into the oven or microwave. In addition, demand for custom designed trays has grown significantly. Whether food is shelf stable, frozen or refrigerated, MCP USA processor solutions help deliver maximum product integrity and extended shelf life. MCP USA works with its customers to select the ideal design and material for process production to provide the ideal container for the food product. MCP USA containers can be used in Retort Processing; High Pressure Processing (HPP) or Gas Flushing Processing (Modified Atmosphere).

New Application Development: Concept to Launch

MCP Ltd. is a family of multinational corporations and has been consistently performing for over four decades in the global marketplace. We are state-of-the-art in our materials, technology, and processes. We bring a breadth of experience to custom tray applications such as color, shapes, gauges; and be your guide through complete application development.  These are the seven basic steps to develop your ideal container.  

  1. Discovery – It starts with a clear understanding of your needs, the application requirements and your company goals. Sometimes a stock container is an ideal solution. Other times a container with custom features is the best choice.
  2. Design – When a custom product is called for, our in-house design team creates a special look and function concept for your unique product.
  3. Prototyping – Prototype tools and production parts are manufactured on a small sample line for validation.
  4. Testing – The prototypes are thoroughly vetted to assure they meet all critical requirements. On site visits by Carlton Taylor VP of Sales & Marketing are a normal part of this process.
  5. Full tooling – Once testing is completed, a full set of tooling is manufactured.
  6. Product Qualification – MCP USA optimizes its manufacturing process and finalizes all specifications and critical-to-quality requirements. MCP USA Quality Supervisor Ashley Jongkind is directly involved in this process.
  7. Commercial Production – As a project is launched, MCP USA continues as a long term, committed and reliable partner.

Stock Tray Applications

In today’s fast past market; sometimes stock processor trays are the best application. MCP USA On-Tray # 3 series CEPT trays; fit a large percentage of most applications. These trays offer a perfect “drop in” solution and are available in single compartment; two compartment and three compartment configurations.

The Versatility of CPET

Our thermoforming expertise and equipment allow us to produce multiple packaging products for the food industry.  Our most popular product, CPET (Crystallized Polyester Trays), is known for its mechanical stability in a wide range of temperatures.  Three most common applications of CPET are: 

  1. Food Processing
  2. Food Packaging
  3. Food Storage  

CPET is the best combination of impact strength at low temperatures and thermal stability at high temperatures. We’ll plan to highlight the powers and versatility of CPET trays, including it’s robust composition that allows it to perform well in both conventional and microwave ovens. Look for our next series to further unpack the value of CPET in more detail.

Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Carlton Taylor, is available to assist you on developing your next unique packaging application.  Carlton can evaluate your needs and provide you with suggestions on custom or stock packaging options.  The outcomes should have a positive impact on your results, your enterprise and your people.  Reviewing needs and processor solutions through the lens of technology, productivity and differentiation is all offered at no charge to new and existing application inquiries. 

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