‘Everyday Earth Day’ Commitment

In order for “Everyday Earth Day” to actually make a difference, everyone has to contribute and do their part. Well, here’s how MCP USA takes that responsibility and makes it happen. It points to one of our favorite materials, and we call it RePET. PET stands for polyethylene terephthelate and it is a highly effective application used in the food and beverage industry. RePET means we recycle PET and increase the material impact over the years.

Regrind, Reuse, RePET

MCP USA places particular emphasis on recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials in accordance with both European and US market demands. The company recycles all the scrap material that is formed during the thermoforming processes. The scrap is reground and introduced back into the extrusion process. MCP USA partakes in these “green” practices and manufactures degradable products.

Circular (Economic) Sustainability

The circular economy paradigm aims to limit our environmental impact by applying specific principles, such as recycling, reusability and sustainability, throughout the manufacturing process. As opposed to the traditional linear economy, in which products are created, used and then disposed of, the circular economy encourages a manufacturing process that extracts from our resources the maximum value possible. This involves carefully choosing recycled materials, and then employing advanced production technologies that enable the usage of these recycled raw materials to create new products with the same quality and characteristics. MCP USA is committed to promoting sustainability and is dedicated to an environmental vision for packaging, which includes reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprints of all our activities.

Turnkey Packaging Solutions

MCP USA and On-Tray ® is an industry leader of advanced co-extruded thermoplastic packaging solutions that are ideal for a wide range of applications, primarily for the food industry. Continuously pushing the technological edge, MCP USA has expanded its ability to provide customers with exceptional quality, timely delivery, and personalized customer service, all while keeping production costs highly competitive. Most importantly, we have two major manufacturing centers located in the United States and in Israel that drive our speed-to-market response times.

Carlton Taylor, VP of Sales & Marketing of MCP USA is able to provide swift and reliable service and support to clients located in every corner of the world.

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